Jeff resides near Wadena, Saskatchewan at Fishing Lake, where he lives with his wife Jodi and black lab, Archie. He was born and raised on a farm in the prairies of southern Alberta. From the time Jeff could walk, he followed his Dad around like a shadow and grew up shooting, riding horses, hunting, fishing and camping.

His love of the hills and the great outdoors steered him to Canmore, in the heart of the Alberta Rockies, where he lived for 16 years. Jeff owned and operated a guided fishing/retail business and a taxidermy studio, while hunting every chance he possibly could. There he met a good lookin’ Saskatchewan girl, now his wife and the first time she took him back to ol’ Kuroki, Saskatchewan, he fell in love with the quality of life and the quiet paced lake living, not to mention the abundance of whitetails. The decision was made, the move complete and Jeff’s now a partner at “Wheatbelt Sales” Farm Equipment dealership in Wadena as well as still running a small taxidermy studio where he can express his artistic abilities and his extreme love for wildlife.

He loves bow and rifle hunting and is thrilled about adding Sask’s muzzleloader season to his list of hunting opportunities. Jeff has been fortunate enough to harvest some amazing animals over the past seasons, including B&C whitetails, numerous P&Y trophies and just this past summer of 09’ a gorgeous Dall ram in the NWT to become the first person in Saskatchewan to register a Half Slam of North America sheep. He plans on completing the second half of his Slam in the years to come.

Any spare minute outside of hunting season, will find Jeff searching for sheds, checking trail cameras, videoing game or writing articles for different magazines, including Big Buck. Jeff is really looking forward to being a part of the Live2Hunt crew and was absolutely ecstatic to have Cody along to film his first muzzleloader kill with spectacular footage of a gnarly old non-typical mulie for L2H.