Mountain Caribou & Dall Sheep

By Live 2 Hunt | Aug 1, 2008

I started on my journey to the Northwest Territories. It was a thirty six hour drive from my doorstep in Laura, Saskatchewan, to the passenger seat in Stan Simpsons ….  Stan and his wife Debra are the owners of RAM HEAD OUTFITTERS. Stan’s exclusive area is world renowned for being the best Dall Sheep hunting on the planet, hands down!  Stan also has exceptional moose, mountain caribou and mountain goat hunting as well.  My assignment would be to video Meghan and Bailey each hunting their first mountain caribou,  Meghan with rifle and Bailey with her bow and arrow.  They both got spectacular caribou, Bailey’s kill shot being the most breath taking hunt captured on camera this year. A 400 inch bull taken atop a mountain peak at 48 yards.

Assignment number 2: A heart pounding Dall sheep hunt with guide, Carson Nutting, and hunter Rick Murphy from New Mexico. This hunt started out quite comical, with the 3 of us being dropped off on top of the mountain. We watched the chopper fly away, only to realize that someone had forgotten our tent and satellite phone…that someone being our “professional” guide Carson Nutting!   A giant Dall sheep, well over 40″, grazing on a ridge across from us, quickly re-directed our focus. With the no hunting within twelve hours of flying rule, all we could do is sit and watch the incredible ram!  As the sun rose into the sky on day two, we were hard after the sheep we had seen the night before.  We end up crossing paths with him again and Rick got his chance at a world class Dall Sheep at thirty yards!! The ram scored in the high 160′s B&C, and the footage turned out great!