Live 2 Hunt consists of a handpicked team of very talented outdoors men and women that all bring something completely different to the table. Hunting and the outdoors is not just a hobby of Cody’s, it’s a way of life. Cody is dedicated to his work, and the wild. He is driven by his passion and love for what he does to bring the viewers a show that will not be beat.

Cody Robbins has worked for Jim Shockey’s Hunting adventures for 6 years as camera man, editor, co-host and guide. He has travelled to 15 different countries and has hunted and videoed some of the world’s most exciting hunts. Cody has received numerous awards and acknowledgements including the Outdoor Writers of Canada Award and a Golden Moose Award. Having put in his time both behind the scenes and in front of the camera has given Cody the knowledge and experience to use his own natural talent to embark on his exciting new adventure.

In the spring of 2008, Cody made his lifelong dream come true. He created Live 2 Hunt; a reality based hunting show featuring friends, family, women and children. Live 2 Hunt is a show like no other that will captivate its audience from the very first episode. Cody will embark on various big game hunts across North America, videoing spectacular footage of hunters taking breathtaking animals. Live 2 Hunt promises to show its viewers the good the bad and the ugly of every hunt.

Meet the Team

Cody Robbins Cody Robbins Bailey Simpson Bailey Simpson Bill Longman Bill Longman Brandon Robbins Brandon Robbins
Carson Nutting Carson Nutting Chad Laing Chad Laing Dustin Flundra Dustin Flundra Jeff Schlachter Jeff Schlachter
Kelsy Claypool Kelsy Claypool Meghan Simpson Meghan Simpson Nikki Ballard Nikki Ballard Randy Norrie Randy Norrie
Ron Colborn Ron Colborn Shane Hunter Shane Hunter