Worth the Wait

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 27, 2010

It finally happened! Kelsy and I have been hunting the same six by five whitetail buck for two years now, and at five o’clock this afternoon, a sight we were giving up on, stood before us!

The big old buck appeared four hundred yards way, and continued to walk straight for Kels and I. Having waited so long for this to happen, we were both in a state of shock.

The footage of this buck coming towards us, is crazy! As soon as he got within seventy-five yards, Kelsy took the shot… when the smoke from the muzzleloader cleared, we could see that Kels definitely made the shot count!

Walking up to this old brute, it was hard to believe how skinny he was. There was no way on earth he would survive the winter in the shape he was in.

I’m so proud of Kels for keeping after this buck for two years, and not giving up at some point.
This will make one of the best shows for 2011, no question!