Muzzleloader Rifle for Whitetails & Mulies

By Live 2 Hunt | Dec 5, 2008

This fall, we had the best deer season we could have ever hoped for in a million years!  We ended up capturing the hunts for ten different whitetail bucks averaging just over 165 Boone & Crockett points.  The largest buck being a giant non-typical that Randy Norrie harvested, the brute scored 215 6/8 B&C!  Possibly the largest buck ever harvested on professional camera in history!  To top it off, the footage is award winning!  Randy and I each have a set of sheds off the legendary buck and also have an uncountable number of trail camera pictures of the buck over the last three years!  Another buck that stands out this fall was a buck that I crossed paths with early in October. He is my largest whitetail buck to date scoring 178 B&C!  This particular deer was featured in Big Buck Magazine numerous times over the past few years and was known as the Brow-tine Buck.  Kelsy Claypool has purchased a whitetail tag each year for the last four years and eaten tag soup.  She is about as picky as they come, but this fall she finally pulled the pin on the buck she was waiting for. He was a 160 class, absolutely beautiful five by five!   These are just a few of the whitetail bucks that kept our Live 2 Hunt cameras rolling this fall!  As for big mulies, we managed to capture six entertaining hunts!  The largest being a bruiser non-typical buck that scored 218 5/8 B&C.  The lucky hunter was Greg Anderson.  Greg is the owner of Thunderhead Archery out of Swanson, Sask, and he supplies the team with all the gear and repairs we need throughout the season!