BC Black Bears

By Live 2 Hunt | May 9, 2009

Kelsy and I just got back from a bear hunt in British Columbia,  where we spent twelve days, spot and stalking monster black bears!  Our great friend Nick Hui hunter hosted us on our adventure.  It took us six days to get Kelsy within range of a shooter with her Ten Point Crossbow.  When everything finally came together, we had a brute walk to within FOUR yards of Kels, and she made a smokin shot!!!

On day seven, it was my turn to try for an old bruin with my APA bow.  On our first walk down an old logging trail, a bear crashed through the under brush, down the ridge below us, then proceeded to climb up an old pine tree!!  Living by a rule that big bears don’t climb trees, I had no interest in taking a shot!  But, after witnessing the bears claws taring huge gouges in the tree, barely able to hold himself up, I decided I better rethink my golden rule!!!  After some heavy investigating, I took careful aim, and sent it!! Turns out, the bear was a giant among giants!!  Another exciting episode for L2H in 2010!