Saskatchewan Black Bears

By Live 2 Hunt | May 22, 2009

My good pal Dustin Flundra came out  this week to hunt Black Bears with me in northern Sask!  Now at times Dustin can be a bit of a boring guy, so I asked him to bring out the love of his life, Ms. Nikki Cammeart to livin things up a bit.  Nikki is one of the best professional trick riders in the PRCA rodeo circuit today, and she is a bubbly rock n roll good time!  Our original plan was to leave Nikki and Kelsy to do as they please… go shopping, ride horses, or just sit and gossip about other girls…. while Dustin and I went  looking for the biggest black bear in the whole wide world!!  Well that was the plan anyways, turns out, the girls wanted to come hunting too!  Three days later, there we were, all smunched in my little ground blind, cheek to cheek to cheek… Nikki was going to be the first shooter with the Ten Point Crossbow.  Nikki had actually never hunted before, above that she had never seen a bear in the wild!  This was a perfect recipe for a great show!  The second day in the blind, a gorgeous chocolate colored bear walked in and gave Nikki a great opportunity!!  The footage of this hunt will be a great episode for the 2010 airing season!!