Extreme Weather Archery Whitetail

By Live 2 Hunt | Dec 6, 2009

Today, the second last day of whitetail season here in Saskatchewan, I finally put it all together on a nice buck with my bow.

I had an opportunity to seal the deal the first week in November on a gorgeous five point typical buck!  He stood in front of me for over ten minutes while I waited for him to pull his shoulder forward to create a perfect shot.  Turns out before he squared up to me, the wind shifted and hopes of tagging this buck were swept away in the breeze!!  That one little detail waiting for that buck to step forward snowballed into a nasty month of tough luck!!  You will have to watch the show to see what I mean.

When I headed out this morning the temperature was -38 degrees celsius without the windchill!!!  To top things off I have nasty cough!!

After two hours in my blind, I dug my water bottle out of the bottom of my pack to take a drink… It was already frozen solid!  I took a bottle of cough medicine along with me too, for every time I got a tickle I would take a swig.

By mid afternoon, I was as cold as I have ever been in my life!  Waiting to get a shot with my bow, I could only wear so many layers.

Nine hours later, at five bells, a shooter buck came into view!  He had icicles of blood draping down the back of his neck!  He must have just been in a wicked fight!  By the time I got my bow up into position the buck was right in front of me posing for a shot!  When I tried to pull my bow back, my forearm on my bow hand would just buckle!!  I couldn’t get it pulled back, my muscles were way to cold!  In desperation I tried over extending my arm so that my elbow wouldn’t give out… it worked, I made it to full draw and settled my pin on the bucks heart… I slowly squeezed my trigger… CHING!  My release jaws opened, the trigger came with my finger as I squeezed… BUT THE ARROW STAYED COCKED!!!  Not knowing what to do, I slowly pulled my face away from the string and turned my head back to look at my release to see what the problem was. As I was staring back at my release holding my bow away from my face… SSSHHOOOOO!!!!  My bow fired, instantly followed by a SMACK!!!  When I spun my head back to see what happened, all I saw was the buck heading for the timber with a funny hitch in his get up.

I must have breathed on my D loop on my string which froze it to the jaw on my release.  When I turned my head to investigate the problem, it put enough torque on my release to break it free, resulting in my bow firing when I wasn’t even looking in the direction of the buck!

I was petrified to rewind the footage and find out where exactly I hit that poor old buck… Turns out, my luck finally made a turn for the good!  The arrow disappeared right behind his front leg!!!  HOLY COW THAT’S LUCK!!!

I think the footage that I collected throughout this adventure will turn into a great story on the TV screen.