May 21st 2011, EMILY’S BEAR

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 11, 2011

The bear cage is finally rocking again this year! I’ve been sitting for the last three days with Marco Pilon, his stepdaughter Emily, and Emily’s grandfather Bill. Marco is one of our new sponsors for 2011, with Sugar Creek Taxidermy, out of Red Deer Alberta. I have been waiting two years to find the right taxidermist to join the Live2Hunt team, and with Marco’s talent and character, it was definitely worth the wait! The work this gentleman does, blows me away.
We have been waiting in the cage for a bear for Emily, which is her very first big game hunt ever!
Tonight at 7:55, a bear walked in from our right, that made Emily near jump out of her seat, a beautiful red colored boar. We waited at least ten minutes before Emily got a good shot with our new Ten Point… Emily made it count, and we are all heros!!! The footage for the hunt is soooo cool, I caught a few tears rolling down Marco’s face, to give you an idea of how special this hunt really was. To be honest, I got a little choked up myself. A proud moment for a father and grandfather. This gorgeous young lady was great on camera, and this will surely make a great episode for the show.