October 15th 2012, CODY'S BOWTECH MULIE

By Cody | Oct 15, 2012
After the last mulie buck I shot, I had pretty big shoes to fill this year, with small feet... I have been sitting back waiting until everyone else on the team has had a go at a buck of their own. Before you know it, it's October, the leaves are all falling off the trees, the grass is crunchy like corn flakes, and the odds of sneaking up on a cagy old mule are pretty slim... 

Over the last week my bud Anthony Springer and I decided to tackle this chore and focus on it before it got any later in the season. For the last six days we have been hiking around in the hills looking for that perfect buck, in the perfect spot... Needless to say we have put on at least 80 between the two of us, wearing our trusty muck boots right down to the treads. I have never been so wore down and beet up in my life on a hunt. Cameraman Anthony is a giant puss factory... He has 27 broken off cactus thorns in his left knee, six rose bush spikes in each elbow, and judging buy the amount of time he spent with his back to me in the bushes, with his pants semi down; I'm predicting he may have an ingrown hair or some other ailment that none of us really care to know about. 

On day three I lost my phone somewhere back in the sticks while I was doing the reverse army crawl on a 210 inch beast of a buck... So, I have lost touch with the world. To anyone out there that I have not responded to, I'm not ignoring you, I just donated my Blackberry to nature. 

Anyways, yesterday morning we spotted this buck bedded down on the edge of a poplar bluff. It took Tone and I four hours to sneak 200 yards, but we managed to get within 15 of the sleeping buck. This show is going to be so fun to put together, it's full of giant bucks, beautiful country and a montage of emotions. 

If I could give any fellow archery mule deer hunters any advice, it would be to get at it in September!!! Don't wait until now, and if you do, you better have your hammer cocked for an adventure... With that said, I had the time of my life over the last six days, hunting my favorite animal on earth. He is a gorgeous typical with double white throat patches and matching hooks out each side.

I'm a lucky guy.