October 22nd 2012, DUCK HUNTERS

By Cody | Oct 22, 2012
Just got in from a duck hunt with Kelsy, cameraman Anthony and our great friends Pat and Nicole Reeve from Driven TV... We are hunt
ing with Buck Paradise Outfitters in northern Saskatchewan.

Pat and I limited out, shooting so well we would of made it to the Olympics in duck shooting if there was such a thing... Kelsy and Nicole on the other hand didn't do as well. With having no ducks of their own to hold for the picture, they traded Pat and I both massages for the rights to hold a couple of our big ducks in this pic.

Kelsy managed to get a fat lip from a BB load I slipped in her gun... Don't think her injury is going to hold her back though, we are headed out for round two this evening.

If anyone out there has the time, they should so graciously use it to wish the ladies luck! They need it if they think they're going to compete with Captain Green Head Robbins and Pluck em Pat Reeve!!!