October 29th 2012, ASHLEY'S TC WHITETAIL

By Cody | Oct 29, 2012
Here's another great late October buck we crossed paths with, in the last few days of October... Ashley Krause is the lucky young lady to shoot this beautiful Sask whitetail. Once Kelsy was done hunting, and went back to work, I decided to steal some of the other staff members away to do more whitetail hunting. Ashley's reaction on camera after connecting on this buck, is absolutely priceless!!! 
It's a combination of a 1987 fist pump, crossed with the good old european soccer run...while sitting in a chair! We plan on taking a couple more of the Claypool's staff hunting over the month of November... Hopefully they are as lively as the last one! 

This hunt was good clean fun, and should make for a great show on Live2Hunt in the upcoming year.