December 1st 2011, KELSY'S "TEN POINT" WHITETAIL

By Cody | May 10, 2012

Kelsy Claypool's 2011 Whitetail

The whitetail season has been slow this year, and I have been majorly stressed over it.  Getting near the end of the season.  I called up my friend Nick Hui and asked him if he would fly out to film Kelsy, so her and I could split up, doubling our odds at success.  Nick and I filmed together in the Jim Shockey days, and got to be great pals.

Thankfully, I got a call from Nick and Kelsy tonight that they finished a story on a really nice five by five whitetail.  Watching the footage, I'm sure it will be a solid show for next year.  Nick and Kelsy had a lot of bucks going by their blind over the last five days, including some monster black horned mulies!  They captured some great footage of her buck too, before she made her shot with the Ten Point Crossbow.  

Very proud of both of them.