By Cody | May 24, 2012

Collin Koehler's 2012 Black Bear 

We have been putting lots of time in over the last two weeks filming black bears.  Lots have been coming in, all different colors but nothing big enough until tonight.  We have been sitting in the bear cage for the most part, but decided to take a break for a night, to go sit with my buddy Collin Koehler at his stand.  

Going through his photos, before sitting tonight, we noticed two pics of a giant black bear that looked too big to be real.

Tonight at 8:30 a sow walked in to the bait, then sat down and stared back into the trees in the direction she came... Knowing something else was coming in behind her, I hit the record button and waited patiantly for a new bear to apear.  Minutes passed before a MONSTER black boar came swaying into view!  He walked over to the bait sniffed around for a second, and walked away.  He came back into view twice, very briefly, and left as quickly as he came.  The third time he came in he stopped and stood still at 36 yards, which is a bomb  of shot for a bear... Collin pulled his bow back and took careful aim... I stared through the viewfinder for what felt like minutes, anticipating and arrow dissapearing on the mark any second... WACK!  Collin's arrow hit the bear perfectly!!!  Knowing he made a perfect shot, we wasted no time going to look for him with the fading light.  Only fifty yards away we found our prize; a giant black bear that was larger than the forest he lived in!  

Between the two of us we could barely move him for photos.  We guessed him to be very close to 500 pounds, with a beautiful jet black coat.  

What an awesome night in bear country, with a good friend.

Collin Koehler's Bear top view