October 25th 2011, ANOTHER KING MULIE

By Cody | May 7, 2012

Randy Norrie's Muzzeloader Mule Deer 2011

In mid August I spotted a buck that only dreams are made of.  I only saw him from a far, in low light.  Ever since, I have been looking high and low for him, hoping to get a better look, and also, hoping to get a chance at him with one of my friends.  

Five days ago I finally laid eyes on him again, while I was hunting with my good friends Nikki Ballard and Craig Storbakken. 

The giant buck bedded down only eighty yards away from me in a patch of weeds, across a fence.  Unfortunately the land the buck was on, was posted, so we had no choice but to just sit and watch him.  Doing so, I got some incredible footage of him!!!

That evening the buck made his way out of the posted land to feed… Nikki got a shot at him, but a long one.  Her bullet fell a bit short and the buck faded away into the distance.  

Waiting so long to finally see him again, I decided to go after him again the next day.  Nikki had to go back to work so I recruited one of my best buds Randy Norrie, who also had a draw tag.  When I initially set out to find this buck, it was to try and find Randy one anyway.

Randy and I have been hunting our buts off over the last four days, trying to connect on this buck.  This morning, on our sixth stalk on him, at least, things finally came together, and I must say this is going to be one of the greatest episodes we will ever air on the Live2Hunt show.  

It will be a long time before we see a buck that's as impressive as this one, even with a cray year like we're having.  With 23 scorable points, he measured 238 6/8 gross B&C…WHAT A KING!!!