October 27th 2014, CODY'S BOWTECH MULIE

By cody | Oct 27, 2014

Cody's 2014 Mulie

I arrowed this wide typical buck at 55 yards with my BOWTECH!!! 

We snuck within 23 yards of this buck and another big old 4x3... After three hours of waiting for

them to stand, the other buck blew out of his bed and bounded over the hill! I stood up and drew

my bow. This buck was standing up the ridge at 55 yards... I hit the switch and watched my

NOCKTURNAL soar through the sky, then drop down out of sight right behind the bucks front leg!!!

He ran 50 yards before cratering and rolling down a steep bank to the bottom of this coulee.

THE FOOTAGE IS SO AWESOME!!! I can't wait to share it with everyone next summer on THE


Spending more time than I have ever spent trying to get a buck with my bow, there were

definitely days in this journey when I felt like throwing in the towel. Times when I was willing to

surrender to the mulie gods above. Looking back now at all the footage we compiled of

gorgeous mulie bucks, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and the emotional moments that come with

DEFEAT, and success. This hunt reassured me one more time that I truly do LIVE2HUNT. 

This buck is not my largest to date, but he is beautiful! When I came up over the rise and

drew my bow on him, there is nothing on this earth that could have made my heart pound

any harder!!!