October 3rd 2014, A BOONIE TYPICAL MULIE

By cody | Oct 3, 2014

Jeremi with his big typical


Yesterday Jeremi and I crawled at least 2 1/2 miles with our faces buried in the weeds, trying to keep up to this giant buck as he meandered aimlessly across the prairie. The stalk began at noon and ended five minutes after sunset with a puff of smoke and two of the happiest hunters on earth hugging and cheering. 

Never before have I weakened on a stalk... One hour before we got him, I looked back at J and and let him know that I had nothing left. He agreed that he too was mentally and physically drained. But there was just no way we could give up! My left hand is swollen and covered with imbedded rose thorns. I'm proud of every one of these puss filled slivers though, every time I bump one and feel a shooting pain in my hand, it will remind me of the day we shot gorgeous buck we called Typpy. 

Please like and share this photo so everyone out there has the chance to admire such a beautiful and rare animal. 

Gotta go! Have another old bruiser bedded!