February 8th 2014, STRIKIN OUT

By cody | Feb 8, 2014

Usually when Kels spends $262.81 at one store in the mall, I get a little stressed! 

NOT THIS TIME BABY!!! I even offered to carry the bags!!!... For some reason I wasn't allowed to peak... I'm no dummy, it was obviously a surprise for big C Dog, right?!

After three days with no sign of the "surprise"... I decided to play a little offence! 

I threw on by SCENT BLOCKER jacket, MOSSY OAK from head to toe, painted my face and went for it!!! 

I belly crawled right past the front lines, more specifically Kels and Berk having tummy time, sound asleep on the bed, straight into the closet!!! My heart was pounding!!! 

There they were!!! Two little pink bags, tucked away in the corner. With a bit of smirk on my face, and a twinkle in my eye, I made my final decent!!!..................Since when does VICTORIA SECRET make HUNDRED DOLLAR SWEAT PANTS!!!!...IN THREE DIFFERENT COLORS?!?!?