Caught with my Pants Down

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 24, 2009

Our good friend Dana Kuzik from Roper apparel  came to spend some time with Kelsy and I.  Dana only had three days to get a whitetail buck with her Ten Point crossbow, before she had to continue on to Agribition in Regina Saskachewan.

Yesterday was Dana’s first day, with not a whole bunch of success we were back out this morning in the same blind.  Every time I checked my Treebark Trail cam at this particular spot, it showed at least one nice shooter buck during daylight hours of each day over the last week.  So theoretically, as long as we were quiet and put our time in, we would get one in one day!

At 11:30 am, Dana politely informed me that she needed to use  her pee coupon for the day!  She stepped out and headed back into the bush behind us to do her business.  I decided to capitalize on this opportunity to do the same, I walked around behind the blind, stripped off all my warm gear and proceeded to answer the call of nature…  as a stood there doing the deed with my coveralls around my knees, there before me walked out our one shooter of the day!!!  A really cool long tined four by four walked straight at me up to forty yards, and stared for a brief moment, then leaped back into the bush!  Caught with my pants down!!!  I hope that buck took in to consideration how cold it really was before spreading any bad rumors!!

On a more serious note, that was our flipping chance!!!  Or was it???

We climbed back in the blind and started the waiting game again.  Two hours passed… Dana franticly pointed out the left side of the blind, another nice four by four came into view!!  He walked right in and stood broadside at seventeen yards!  Dana made a great shot with the crossbow, and we captured another awesome hunt for 2010!!