Reviewing Ron's Footage

By developer | Nov 15, 2009

This evening it was time to go over some footage with Ron Colborn. He has had a camera for the fall hunting season and has been taking lots of different kids out hunting.

Ron and I go over his footage probably once a month. I go through it with him and let him know what he’s doing wrong that he could improve on, and also point out the things he is doing well at.

This particular meeting, I was amazed at how well Ron is doing with the camera!  In the last few weeks of October Ron captured three whitetail hunts with young kids Colby, Braiden and Mitch each shooting their very first bucks.  The hunts on camera are all priceless, and aside from being great footage, the bucks are all beauties!!!

If I don’t pull my socks up soon in the whitetail department, it’s going to be Live2Hunt with Ron the chicken rancher!!!

Good work buddy!!