Randy's Crossbow Mulie on the Last Day

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 14, 2009

Randy Norrie and I just hit a home run!!  We knocked it out of the park!!!

We have waited for a north wind to hunt a spot that we had set up a blind to try for a mulie buck with Randy’s Ten Point crossbow.  Today was the first time we had a north wind in 22 DAYS!!!  And today was actually the last day of the season, do or die for our crossbow mulie!!!

We got in the blind at roughly 2pm, and within five minutes of climbing in our bail blind a 200 inch world class mulie buck past by us at 25 yards!!!  Never stopping long enough to give Randy a good shot!  This is just one of three different 200 inch mulies that we have pictures of at this blind!!!

This particular buck never left our sight all afternoon, he just spent his time rubbing trees, escorting smaller bucks off his turf, and flexing his muscles for every doe that walked by!  But never once did he offer us a shot within range!!

Right at sunset on this, the very last day, another awesome old buck came into view following a doe!  He had great big poplar branch wedged between his antlers that he had just ripped off a tree marking his kingdom!!  He walked from 150 yards away straight at us, right up to 25 yards!  Randy took careful aim with his Ten Point and hit the buck perfectly, right in the heart!

Randy and I had put countless hours in over this whole fall trying to get a big old buck to do the right thing for our cameras, and it all came together in the dying minutes of the season!

I can’t wait to piece this hunt together on the computer, this story will be untouched by the rest!!!