Miss Mike Thui

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 9, 2009

My sidekick Mr. Ron Colborn and I went down to southern Saskatchewan to video some Mule deer  hunting with our good friends Mike Thui and Joey Holbrook.  Ron had been down hunting with these guys the week prior.  Ron gathered some great footage but didn’t get the conclusion we needed to end the show.   This might have something to do with Mike earning the name Miss Mike Thui!!!  Sorry Mike!

Half an hour after sun up we were stalking in on an awesome high racked buck!!  He was down in a deep coulee in a perfect spot for us to close the distance!  Once within 180 yards, my buddy Mike redeemed himself and made a wicked shot with my .300 WSM, and dropped him in his tracks!!!  This will be a great story for the upcoming shows in 2010.

A very short hunt, but a great experience!  The country down here is as pretty as I’ve ever seen.

Now back home to hunt with my bro Randy Norrie for monster mulies with crossbow!!