On Call for Mulies

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 3, 2009

This morning Ronny Colborn and I were leaving my farm to head out and build a couple bail blinds for the whitetail rifle season that starts on the 15th.  As we were leaving the yard I got a call from my good friend Mr. Bently Coben.

Bentley’s cousin Rod Worth had spotted a really nice black horned mulie buck in a great spot for a stalk!  The buck was in an area that Bentley had a tag for!  Bentley asked if I wanted to to go with him to video him sneaking up on the buck and possibly shooting it if it was big enough.  This is a guy, that makes his living selling hunting DVD’s, and he was asking me if I wanted to come get the footage! I would say that is one heck of a friend!!

Ron and I were at Bentley’s house within minutes and were on our way to investigate the situation.

Once Bentley got permission from the land owner, we were in stealth mode sneaking along the edge of some standing crop that the buck was supposedly bedded in.  Bentley was carrying his old .243 lever action he calls Bertha.  We walked for a maybe five minutes and Bent spotted the bucks antlers on the edge of a slough bottom!  With the camera rolling right down his barrel Bentley gave out a fawn bleat!  The Buck instantly came to his feet!  Pow!  The buck wheeled and and started packing the mail straight away from us!  Pow, the buck dropped out of sight!!!  Bentley had just made an awesome shot  on the buck running at 180 yards!!

The footage of the hunt is fantastic, and will complete an episode for 2010 featuring my great friend Mr. Bentley Coben!!