Big Gnarly Mulie Buck!

By Live 2 Hunt | Oct 15, 2009

I just broke my twenty day dry spell!  Three days ago Garry Donald of Big Buck magazine, Jeff Schlachter and myself headed out to some new country looking for big old gnarly mulie bucks!  Mr. Schlachter was the lucky fellow with the special draw tag, Garry and I were just along for moral support!

The first two days of the hunt we saw absolutely nothing!  Brutal weather with gail force winds with a little bit of blowing snow, it was miserable!

This morning Garry pulled the pin early to get back to his office and catch up on his next issue, while Jeff and I decided to tuff it out for one more day.

One hour after daybreak the weather broke, the wind let down, the clouds rose, and the sun tried its best to peak through.  This was the break we needed!

Within an hour we found three awesome king bucks perched on top of a high rocky hill!  One tall clean typical, one older wide buck with weak forks and the last, a heavy junky buck!

The bucks fed down off the hill out of sight into a silver willow bowl.  Jeff and I followed close behind, noses to the dirt crawling over the rise!  We got within 40 yards of their racks protruding out of the brush.  We set up just behind a big rock and waited for the bucks to stand.  After an hour and a half the biggest buck rose to his feet and stretched, he had no idea we were inside his bubble!  The buck turned turned enough to give Jeff a good shot with his smoke pole and the rest is history!!

This is one of the very best scenes in the Live2Hunt line up for 2010!!!  You gotta see it!!!  THE FOOTAGE WILL BRING YOU TO YOUR FEET!!!