I'm Not Worthy

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 30, 2009

The last four days since I got home from the Yukon, Kelsy and I have been hunting for her elk here in Saskatchewan.

On the morning of the 28th we spotted a herd of seventeen cows and an awesome looking six by six bull!!!  We had the bull and all his girlfriends at three hundred yards, but it was five minutes before legal shooting light.  Within a minute of legal light the bull pushed his cows into the timber.  Kelsy and I hustled up behind them right  to where they entered the bush!  I bugled to try to get the bulls attention, but all we could hear was the heard slowly moving away.  They were headed towards a cutline about half a mile in the distance.

Kelsy and boogied around the block of timber as fast as we could!  Estimated where we thought the heard would cross the cutline and commenced waiting.

One hour passed and no sign of our heard of elk. I got lazy and was starting to think we were wasting our time waiting.  One rule that I try to live by is “You gotta believe AT ALL TIMES, that its going to happen!”  Well apparently I broke my own rule!  The lead cow walked out into the open only 150 yards from us, with the rest of the heard following in single file close behind!  It was happening, Kelsy was going to get her monster elk!!

Like the donut I am, I was standing up behind a tree when the cows walked out, and my camera was laying on the ground in plain view of the heard!!  Not thinking at all I lunged out into view and grabbed my camera as quick as I could and jumped back into my hiding spot!   I raised my binos back to my eyes to see the lead cow undressing my with her eyes, SHE BUSTED ME!!!  After staring for about twenty seconds she barked and lead the heard back into cover!  If I was Kels, I would have just dumped me right there, and left me for the coyots to eat!!  I felt about the size of a little tiny mouse with no hair!

Yesterday we saw nothing, but we did hear the bull scream right at dark, at least giving us a location to start from this morning.

Last day of the season, we got out there this morning fifteen minutes before any sign of light.  I bugled to try and locate bull again…. before I was done calling, the bull was screaming back at us!!!  Maybe a thousand yards away! Instantly we headed straight for him!

Twenty minutes later we were surrounded by cows but no sign of the bull!!  Turns out the bull went past us and was going to wind us any second!!  I totally panicked and dropped the camera to bugle him back before he got too far past us!!  My calling worked, and the bull came trotting back into view!  Kelsy made an awesome shot at 140 yards!!!  And we were hero’s!!!  Well Kelsy was anyways, for the fist time in nine years I missed getting the hunt on camera!  And probably the most exciting hunt of the year!!!  On this hunt I definitely didn’t pull my weight.

I’m very happy for Kels!  But one thing is for sure; I’m not worthy!