Cody's Archery Mulie

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 1, 2009

First day of archery season in Saskatchewan, Bill Longman, Kelsy and I headed out to some new country, looking for velvet mulie bucks!  For me, this is the most anticipated day of the year!  And lucky for me, my compadres let me be the first in line.

Just after lunch time, eagle eye Billy spotted a beauty of a buck, bedded all by himself out in a farmers canola field.  One hour later, we were well within bow range, with Bill capturing every second on camera!  Once at 35 yards, Bill decided to stay put as I crept closer with my bow and arrow.  The buck was standing, feeding in the crop, which made it almost impossible to get closer to him, but the distance I was, I couldn’t see his vitals clear enough for a shot.  Finally, getting within 19 yards, I could see enough of his body to seal the deal!  Watching my knock disappear where it did, instantly gave me that rush that every bowhunter hopes for!!  Billy captured the whole affair on camera, and did a great job!  Another hunt for the 2010 line up!!