Fred's Yukon Moose

By developer | Sep 14, 2009

I have just spent the last eight days in the most beautiful country in the world!  The Yukon!  I arrived here at West lake on the 7th, and met my first moose hunter Mr. Fred Gutwein on the 8th.

Fred is an older fellow, in his mid seventies, and telling from his stories “he has been there and done that” when it comes to hunting.  A very laid back man that appreciated the little things in life… A gentleman thats a pleasure to guide!

On day two of the hunt, Fred and I saw an awesome bull across the lake.  He had magnificent fronts, seven by six I believe.  We tried for him and actually got him within 25 yards, but couldn’t get a shot.  The side of the lake he was on, it was just too thick, full of muskeg and snaggled timber right down to the shore line.  A little disappointing to say the least, but we got to keep hunting, and that’s always a bonus!!

The morning of day four I opened the door of the cabin at first light, to be greeted by two young bulls standing only ten yards from me.  I was probably the first human they had ever laid eyes on, which explains why they just stood there and stared for at least 30 seconds before trotting off into the fog.  Over the next few days those were the only bulls we saw.

Today Fred and I came back to the cabin for lunch.  I decided the run up the hill behind our pad just to check things out, and to my surprise, I could hear a bull grunting only a few hundred yards away!!  I ran back to camp, collected my partner and his weapon and hustled back up the hill!!  By the time we returned to my perch, the bull had come into view, grunting every step he took, only eighty yards away!  The bull wasn’t overly wide, but was definitely old, and had lots of character!  Fred took two shots with his .375 HH, and placed them perfectly!!  We were moose hunters!!

I never had the chance to hunt with one of my grandfathers, but this week I think I experienced something much the same!  Hopefully some day I get the chance to hunt with Mr. Gutwein again.