Andy's Monster Grizzly

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 21, 2009

Four days ago I said fair well to Mr. Gutwein and greeted my second and last hunter for the Yukon this year, Mr. Andy Mac.  Andy brought his APA King Cobra bow for the trip, hoping to get a monster moose with stick and string!

The last few days our focus has turned from bull moose to a GIANT grizzly bear that has been feeding on a kill just a few yards off the shore of the lake!  Up until last night we had only seen his monstrous track in the mud.  Right at sunset he walked down the shore line towards the kill!!  Andy and I were on a small finger of land that paralleled the shore line about 240 yards away.  Let me tell you, watching a big old grizzly bear of this caliber, is a sight that knocks the wind from your chest in an instant!!  The shot for Andy with my .300 WSM was a risky one, so as tough as it was, we decided to wait for a better opportunity.  Riding back in the boat that night, I  tried to remember if any animal had ever givin me such a thrill from that far away… nothing came to mind!  He was without a doubt the most magnificent animal I had ever laid eyes on!  Sleeping that night was impossible!

Today we decided to go back and wait for the bear near sunset again.  This time we would set up on a different finger of land that would put us within 140 yards.  We weren’t sitting five minutes, I glanced back behind us across the bay where we had been sitting the evening before, and there he was!!!  Walking away from us!!  Before Andy could get a shot, the bear waded into the water and swam across the lake straight away from us!!  Very disappointing!   Not what we were hoping for at all!!

It was only an hour before sunset and expecting the bear to come back before dark was more then a long shot, but we had nothing to lose, other than moose hunting time I guess.

Just after sunset a gorgeous black wolf walked out in front of us!  Andy was just about to take the shot when the wolf instantly ran off, back into the brush!  As we waited, hoping for the wolf to show himself again, the Grizzly walked out!!!  Just like the night before, he walked down the shore line and stood broadside for us!!  Andy made three perfect shots, one after another!!!  And within ten seconds of the first shot, the most unbelievable, spectacular mountain grizzly bear you have ever seen, was ours!!!!!  This bear is absolutely gorgeous!!!  Silver tips down his back, and black legs!

We haven’t had a chance to measure his skull, but he squares 8 foot 7 inches!!!  And even more exciting, it will be the first grizzly bear hunt on L2H!!!  You gotta see it!!

Andy is an awesome guy, and a great hunting partner!!  It’s showtime for moose now!