Andy's Archery Moose

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 23, 2009

Up until today (day 6) we had yet to see a mature bull!  Today was payday!  This morning we walked back into a swamp a few hundred yards off the main lake, and before we could even set up to call, we could hear a bull grunting in the distance!  I cow called and he was instantly on his way.  It was at least twenty minutes before he came into view, across the water from us.  He swam across the pond right to us!  Marched up the ridge we were perched on, to about nine yards before he stopped!!  Andy was already at full draw waiting for him to turn broadside at this point!  The bull wheeled around back for the water, as he did I cow called again stopping him broadside just long enough for Andy to send his arrow!  Bulls eye, right in the heart!!  The bull ran back into the water and tipped over!  WE JUST CAPTURED A HUNT FOR THE 2010 HIGHLIGHT REELS!!!

I can’t explain to you how cold it was field dressing this moose under that water!!  Yikes!!

That’s it for the Yukon this year, headed for home as soon as a plane comes to get us!