Bailey's First Whitetail

By Live 2 Hunt | Nov 18, 2010

My neighbor and long time family friend, Bailey McQueen, scored on a really nice five by five whitetail buck today. Her very first buck!

Bailey and I spent the day in an open blind, on a high hill, overlooking heavy timber. Very cold day! We sat since first light this morning, and I think we only saw two deer before this buck walked in at four bells. Bailey dropped the buck in his tracks, and I thought I had captured some great footage of the buck coming through the trees towards us. But, as it turns out, my camera did something I have never seen it do. There is a blue hole in the footage for about a minute and a half, and when the camera cuts back to recording, there is only a few seconds of footage before Bailey takes the shot. Very disappointing to say the least, but even with the screw up, it should make a good supporting hunt.

To add to the camera trouble, my still camera calved on me as we were taking hero shots… And it died before we got any buddy pics!

I had a great time hunting with Bailey today, good bonding time with an old bud! Just wish the cameras wouldn’t have dropped the ball.