Kelsy Claypool Rides Again!!

By Live 2 Hunt | Apr 25, 2010

Blow the horn!!!  Kelsy shot a monster ginormous black bear tonight!!!  Nick, Kels and I were up on a high road over looking bearville valley, we spotted a huge bear walking off the end of an old logging road to bed down in the early afternoon.  At prime time in the evening we snuck in and waited to ambush him on his way back to his grassy slopes… Ten minutes before last camera light, he stepped out right where he disappeared in the afternoon!!!  He walked 150 yards straight at us before Kelsy made a perfect 40 yard shot with rifle!!!  What a moment!!!  The footage is a must see!!!  The first hunt for the 2011 line up!  He only had one tooth left on his bottom jaw on the front row, ancient bear, maybe close to twenty years old!

Kelsy is the luckiest girl I know, this bear is the most beautiful animal I have seen in a long time!!  His skull measures 19 14/16 B&C  and  7’6″ square.