Shaner's Archery Whitetail

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 3, 2010

Today, my best friend Shane Hunter and I went to the APA Innovations headquarters in Biggar Saskatchewan to hook him up with a new L2H signature bow. Four hours later, we were taking hero shots of Shane and his wife Jolene with a monster whitetail buck that had just rubbed his velvet off.

We got Shaner hooked up with his new bow, sighted it in out to fourty yards, and headed to a spot where I’ve been getting daylight shots of some great whitetail bucks. Just as the evening light side lit the countryside, a herd of bachelor bucks jumped the fence walking straight for us. Shane made a perfect heart shot, on the biggest buck in the bunch!

I’m super pumped to put this show together for 2011, for two reasons… One, because the footage turned out awesome! And two, the hunt means a lot to me being it was with my best friend since I was five years old. I couldn’t of had a better day with my pal Shaner.