The Greatest Whitetail Rush

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 1, 2010

A new all time high took place in my whitetail hunting career today… In the first week in August I got a photo on one of my Treebark cams, of the same whitetail buck I was after last season. This beautiful deer walked by my blind last year on November 5th… just before I got a shot off, the wind shifted and the buck vacated the scene. I never seen him again after that. Gives you an idea how forgiving big whitetails can be when you drop the ball.

This gorgeous buck grew at least ten inches from last year, and has been coming in to my blind in legal shooting light almost every night in August. I set up my blind for a northwest wind, and knew that the first time I sat would be my best chance, like it always is.

Today, opening day, the wind was blowing out of the southwest all day, and right at three bells, the wind shifted to NORTHWEST!!! I had one of my best friends on call to come help me film, Mr. Chaddy Laing. I called Chaddy, and within twenty minutes we were on our way to get set up and quiet in good time for the evening rush.

Up to sunset, we had seen a doe and a fawn, and one nice young buck with a little droptine started. Just after the sun disappeared, a young crab clawed four by four with a broken knee walked out of the timber… this buck had been on the Treebark cameras every night about two minutes before the big guy showed up!… They were definitely summer time bros. Knowing the big five by five was going to walk in to view any second, my knees started to bang!!! He walked in to sight, right behind the young buck and they both started making their way straight at Chaddy and I!!! WHAT A RUSH!!! I did everything I could to talk myself through the situation, and keep myself calm enough to make the shot when the time came. I had Record Rack deer feed spread out at 22 yards, and he was walking straight for it!!! Just as I was about to draw my bow, a doe snorted behind us, and the buck wheeled around to vacate… he hesitated for just for a second… I sent it, and watched my blue and white fletchings disappear right where I had my pin!!! WOW, WHAT A FEELING!!! I tackled Chaddy right off his stool as he was capturing the moment for the show!

This buck is the most beautiful animal I have ever laid my hands on. My first whitetail buck in full velvet, with a red summer coat. I’m the happiest, luckiest, and most grateful whitetail hunter in North America tonight.