Mountain Goats & Grizzly Bears

By Live 2 Hunt | Aug 30, 2010

Kelsy and I just got back from the Mountain Goat hunt of the century! We were hunting with our good friend, and outfitter Brian McConnell in northern British Columbia.

The adventure started off by taking a pack string of horses up to one of Brian’s spike camps, and from there, rode two hours each day in to goat country. On the first day of the hunt, we were closing the distance on a really nice billy goat, and just about the time everything was going to come together, he spooked and for some reason, started running straight for us… Turns out two grizzly bears had the same idea we did, they were stalking the goat from the other side of the basin, and when the goat got their wind, he vacated in our direction! A few seconds later the grizzlies came in to our view charging over the hill after OUR Billy Goat!!! The goat ran 100 yards below the cliff we were perched on, with the two grizzlies gaining on him every stride!!! Probably some of the most spectacular footage I have ever captured!!!

The next morning, back on the mountain, we spotted the same goat perched on the very top of the same mountain, looking down on the whole world. When Brian and I broke it to Kels that we were climbing up after him, we got the scowl of death!… Four hours later, we were on the very peak, 120 yards away from the old Billy. Kelsy made a great shot with her CVA muzzleloader and we completed one of the best video episodes in Live2Hunt history! Mr. Brian McConnell showed us the time of our lives, and runs a top notch operation! I am headed back to do another goat hunt in February with Brian, for myself. Can’t wait!