September 21st 2011, MY FIRST ARCHERY MOOSE

By Cody | May 4, 2012

Cody's Archery Yukon Moose

Just got out of the bush today from an archery moose hunt in the Yukon.  Over the last ten years I have guided to lots of bulls up in this beautiful land but never had the chance to hunt one with a bow myself.  Just never had the right connections, I guess.  

Last spring at the Red Deer Sportsmen's Show I met David O'Farrell, a gentlemen that runs a fishing camp called Grizzly Creek Lodge in the Yukon.  Dave informed me that he guided for Ruth and Terry Wilkinson of Ceaser Lake Outfitters.  After meeting Dave at the show, he invited me up to do a moose hunt with Ruth and Terry's outfitting operation, and he would guide me.  

Kelsy and I flew into camp on the 10th, and have spent the last eleven days hunting moose out of Dave's fishing camp… I must say it's the most beautiful lodge I have ever seen in the back country!  

The moose hunting was fantastic, we saw lots of big bulls!  On the second last day, we bumped into a really nice bull crossing the mouth of the river.  After he faded back into the timber, on shore, Dave got out of the boat into belly deep FREEZING water, to quietly pull the boat down wind of the bull.  It's amazing that he did that… each morning, there was ice along the shore line, giving you an idea how cold the water really was!  Dave got us down wind, called the bull out of the timber, and I made a 34 yard shot with my bow, WHAT A THRILL!!!  This is my first archery moose!

Something else that was very exciting about this hunt was, it was Kelsy's first hunt as camera girl... I was very nevous to have her running the camera, knowing if things didn't turn out, a domestic dispute could take over the Live2Hunt front. To my surprise, she did fantastic!  I was thinking she could easily be applying for a spot on "The Professionals" show... But, when you think about it, you have to screw up lots to make it on that show, and she did perfect!  So, lucky for me, I guess she's too good for that show, and will stick around Live2Hunt.  I'm very proud of her! 

I can't say enough about good stuff about Dave and his guiding.  I've guided a lot myself, but not too proud to say I learned a tonne over the last few weeks.  I have dreamt about this trip for a long time, and this adventure turned out better than I ever imagined.  Can't wait to share this story with everyone, on our 2012 TV series.