By Cody | May 5, 2012

Kelsy's Muzzleloader Mulie 2011

Two weeks ago I was following Kelsy back to the truck, trying to keep up, after she missed a giant mulie buck with her bow.  She was teared up with disappointment, and in no mood to talk.  She actually didn't miss the buck, she hit him square in the main beam of his left antler.  The best part of the story is, she was only nine yards away!… If she reads this, I'm a goner.

When we got back to the truck, she informed me that she was selling her bow on Kijiji that night and her hunting career was OVER!  I just turned the other way and smiled, knowing her wounds would heal, and such a dramatic decision would blow away in the breeze.  

This morning we went back to the same country, and just after daybreak we spotted what looked to be the same buck, not far from where he was on the previous attempt.  We watched him lay down, and planned our approach… We got within 87 yards with the TC muzzleloader, and the rest is history!  The buck has a big gouge out of his beam where Kelsy hit him with the arrow… makes for an awesome story for the show next year!  WHAT A MONSTER!!!