September 20th 2012, NEWFOUNDLAND MOOSE

By Cody | Sep 20, 2012
Kels and I just got out of the bush from a hunt with Next Ridge Outfitters, in Newfoundland for Eastern Moose... Kelsy really wanted to get her moose with a bow, but when we got to camp, we were informed that the bulls didn't start calling for another ten days or so. Thinking the archery gig would be impossible, I assumed we would just head out with the rifle to try our luck... Our guide Shane t
old Kels to bring her bow anyways, just incase. 

At noon on our first full day of hunting, I woke up from a nap, to the sight of this bull having a stretch amongst the "tuck" about a mile away. 

Planning our stalk, again I expected the bow thing to be a total write off, but Shane told Kelsy that if she wanted to try, to go for it... It was exactly like crawling up on a big old mulie in Sask, even though we were over a thousand miles from home, it felt like we were back in the office. Kels and I slithered through the tangled Newfoundland foliage to within thirty yards of this gorgeous old bull moose, while he was bedded facing straight away! The bulls antlers were silhouetted against a far off mountain range, with the whole scene backlit from the sun!!! The footage of Kelsy belly crawling to within bow range, is absolutely crazy!!! 

Kelsy came to full draw... I grunted... The bull rose to his feet and stood proud... Kels sent her Rage broad head...and the rest is history!!! 

A land where you can see twenty moose a day... Spot and stalk bulls to within bow range, when they aren't even in the rut... Enjoying all of that with new friends that run a class act operation... No question, this adventure was as awesome as they come!!! 

I can't wait to piece this show together for 2013 airing season on The Outdoor Channel... It's gonna rock!!!