September 14th 2012, AFTER FOUR YEARS!!!

By Cody | Sep 14, 2012
Kelsy and I have been working on getting her a big mulie buck with her bow, for the last four years... I have no idea how many bucks we have snuck up to and spooked, missed or somehow dropped the ball on. Time after time, I would have heart to hearts with Kels about not giving up, and some day, somehow it would all come together. During this quest I have seen bows thrown across ravines, crocodil
e tears screaming defeat, and my life partner and I going days without speaking. 

Yesterday morning Kelsy and I spotted this gorgeous buck bed down in a farmers crop. Two hours later we were peeking through stems of tangled wheat, only 30 yards away from this freshly rubbed giant. He stood up perfectly broadside, and looked straight away from us... The opportunity we had been working so incredibly hard for, for last four years! Kels drew her Bowtech Heartbreaker, and we stood up out of the crop together. I zoomed right down her arrow with the camera, just in time to watch it fly through the air and disappear right on the mark!!! 

I have been in on more big mule deer hunts than I can count, but I don't think I have ever experienced such an overwhelming moment. Kelsy's eyes filled with tears as she collapsed to the ground, completely lost for words. 

I have never seen someone put so much into one goal in my life... I had explained to her a million times when she was down, that bowhunting is an emotional sport. It takes 100% of your heart and determination. And that striking out was all part of it. The part that makes it so great, is all the defeat you go through, the blood sweat and tears leading up to that big moment where it all comes together, and the rush and sense of accomplishment at the end has been hard earned. And, that's the way it should be. 

I am so proud of her, it takes my breath away.