October 22nd 2013, ONCE IN A LIFETIME BUCK

By cody | Oct 22, 2013

Brandon's 2013 Mulie

A week ago driving home from scouting, Kelsy spotted the silhouette of a giant buck in the horizon.

It was already black dark except for a little bit of faint purple sky in the west. 

I reached in the back seat, grabbed my camera and zoomed in on what turned out to be the most

amazing creature we have seen in a long long time! He stared at us for a minute before turning

and trotting away, givingus a full profile... WORDS CAN'T EXPLAIN!!! A sight that steals the air

from your chest, and puts your heart in overdrive. A sight that every passionate hunter only

experiences a few times in their life, if their lucky. 

My brother Brandon Robbins drew a muzzleloader tag for our home turf this year, so the instant

we got home I was on the phone making plans to try for him the next evening... We were set up

an hour before sunset, and instantly we had bucks pouring past us within twenty yards, on their

way to a hay field. With five minutes left in daylight the giant appeared out of the timber in front

of us 400 yards away. Knowing he wouldn't get to us in time before camera light was over, we


Last night the wind was right again so we headed back to our spot to wait for him... Walking

over a rise to our lookout, THERE HE WAS!!! Standing in the silver willow, glaring right through

us!!! We froze... We were facing straight west, and him east, making us glow in the evening

light... After five minutes... He turned his head and forgot about us!!! We dropped to the ground,

out of sight!!! I peaked back over through the grass... He was browsing and rubbing his antlers

on the willows. SHOWTIME!!!! 

We waited ten minutes for the sun to set, to eliminate the threat of him spotting our glowing

heads... Being a ginger kid, you gotta be conscious of this stuff. 

We ripped our MUCK BOOTS off, crawled into a drainage and went straight at him. Tip toeing

through an ocean of ungrazed rose bushes, we DESTROYED OUR FEET!!! 

We came over the rise 120 yards from him and his two spiker wingmen... Brand got up on

his PRIMOS SHOOTING STICKS and I zoomed in with my camera... I've never had so much

trouble holding a camera steady in my life!!! It felt like an hour waiting for the TC to explode,

while this giant old buck glared down his nose at us!!!...........

KKKKAAAAAABBBBBOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!! A wave rippled over the old bucks ribs and he

dashed over the hill!!! 

The next hour was an emotional blur!!! I can't wait to share this footage with the world!!! 

My brother is one of the greatest human beings I know. He's the kind of person that puts

heart and soul into providing for his wife and children. His passion for hunting is as strong

as mine, but never puts himself first over other responsibilities in life. To be there to watch

him walk up to this buck, and soak up this moment with him was an experience I WILL