By cody | Dec 4, 2013

Kelsy's 2013 whitetail

When hunting season opened in September, Kels and I were on a mission to get her a buck before anyone else on the team. Mostly because of the fact that she was pregnant and every day that went by, it would get harder for her to get around... Well, here we are the fourth of December, just a few days before her due date on the coldest hunting day of the year so far, and she finally got her buck.

Kels has hunted her tail off since back in April when we first found out we were expecting, and this is the first animal she has connected on, this year. Probably over 100 days of hunting for her, and she was finally rewarded. Its been a long journey... Starting off with morning sickness in the bear blind... Not sure why its called morning sickness because I have watched this girl get sick every hour of every day, the whole trip. Another chapter in the story; Joel Wilkinson of Ceaser Lake Outfitters in the Yukon, gave her a Mountain Goat/Caribou combo hunt that would take place in August... A hunt of a lifetime for her, but once she found out the big news, she gave the hunt to me. Once fall came, we started off by walking a little bit slower to the blind than usual. I would sit with Kelsy for five days in a row, with no luck, then proceed to sit with someone else for one night to give her a break... We would knock it out of the park!... I would go back to hunting with Kels... Nothing. Every evening walking in, our pace would get a little bit slower, right down to dropping her off last night at the blind and going back to park the truck.

I have never experienced a lady having contractions before, but from my time spent with my beautiful wife in the hunting blind this fall, pee breaks must be very similar. I'm referring to time between, as they progressively get closer together... In September she could make it through an evening sit without too much trouble not answering natures phone. By October, every hour she would ask "Any more kleenex?"... As the weeks slid by without any encounters of a big old buck, our so called undisturbed quiet hunting time was being diced up like a tomato with pee breaks. This past week this topic was taken to a whole new level... A pee break that was once a "SOLO" event, suddenly turned into an activity that required the "BUDDY SYSTEM!!!"

Not sure if its a good idea to even try to explain how this buddy system works, but I'll do my best... picture how a lady would squat doing this on her own time... Then picture her hubby mirroring her, squatting at the same time, facing her. Needing more support than usual, Kelsy Brooke would wrap her hands around my neck and lean back, while I planted my feet and leaned the opposite direction, while also being in charge of protecting her SCENT BLOCKER bibs and lucky undies from any moister coming our way... Wanting to be a big strong, supportive husband I didn't want to show any weakness during this event, but when she wrapped her hands around my head and leaned back, I felt like a tiny grasshopper being decapitated by a four year old boy in the sandbox. This whole exercise would unfold every twenty minutes or so!!!...Thank god for MUCK BOOTS!!!

Just before dark this MASSIVE WHITETAIL BUCK materialized through the blowing snow, walking straight at us!!! As he walked by, Kelsy made a perfect shot with her NOSLER CUSTOM RIFLE!!! This deer is stunningly beautiful, with incredibly heavy black antlers!!! WHAT A RUSH!!! 

This show is going to rock the WORLD next year on THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL!!! I can't wait to piece it together.

All the pressure is off now to capture any more footage, and all we have to do now is patiently wait for THE GREATEST GIFT IN LIFE.