November 29th 2013, VANESSA SHOOTS A BIG ONE

By cody | Nov 29, 2013

Venessa's buck

Our last successful whitetail hunt of the year... I sat in the PRIMOS "DOUBLE WIDE" BLIND with Vanessa Knelson and her hubby Kyler for six days straight, in the coldest conditions Saskatchewan, Canada can throw at you!!! 

When we set out, I reassured Vanessa we would only endure a day or two the cold before a big old bush buck would slide through. The whitetail gods must have laughed out loud when they herd me promise her such fortunes, and decided to nock my confidence down a few rungs. As the days slid by, I would inform Vanessa more frequently how the "big moment" would all play out, and that it would happen, any minute. Thank god for our HEATER BODY SUITS, otherwise we would never of lasted. 

At 10:35am on day six, Kyler spotted movement back in the timber... I focused my VORTEX RAZOR BINOS on an object that was now motionless... After two minutes, this gorgeous buck swung his head from right to left, showing me enough to recognize that it was our target buck we had been praying to see, for days... The instant realization hit, I started shaking uncontrollably!!! I wish I could blame it on the frigid temps, but to be completely honest I thinks its just the plain and simple fact that I LOVE MY JOB, and this is the rush that I live for!!! Nearly sixty hours on stand, for that five minutes that makes one lose control!!!... And any real hunter would agree, its worth every second. 

This beautiful big five by four waited in the shadows for what seemed like an eternity, before walking out in front of us... Vanessa sent her BLACK EAGLE ARROW and RAGE BROADHEAD on its way, and we watched it disappear exactly where you would find the ten ring on a GLENDEL TARGET!!! 

It's amazing how the mood in a hunting blind can go from a flatline of depression to OVERDRIVE IN SECONDS!!! Yelling, cheering, hugging!!!... All the great things that come with a great hunt... 

I just got done logging the footage for this hunt... It's going to be an AMAZING SHOW hunting with the TEN POINT CROSSBOW in late season conditions. Can't wait to share it with everyone next year on LIVE2HUNT!!!