By cody | Nov 11, 2013

Cody's 2013 whitetail

Nine days ago I was sitting on the couch, going through a stack of memory cards that I had collected from my STEALTH CAMS that day... With my face eight inches from the screen, and every limb on my body crossed with another, hoping it would bring me luck, I was anxiously awaiting the sight of a giant buck to appear on my screen... Probably every whitetail hunter out there can relate to this situation... 

I started looking for the right whitetail to focus on the first of August, and now three months later, he still hadn't showed... I normally have a lot of pressure on me to find a big one and connect, but this year the word pressure had a whole new meaning... Every time I would flip through trail cam pics and dissect my options, my very pregnant, very hormonal, VERY EMOTIONAL wife would sit down next to me... She would say the same thing for every buck that flashed on the screen... "JUST SHOOT THAT ONE!!! Your baby is coming, and when it's born, YOUR HUNTING SEASON IS OVER!!!!" 

After over 100,000 pics and a million miles, there I was on the couch, hitting the down arrow, patiently waiting for "him" to show. 

My face now three inches from the screen, I was clicking through pics so fast I could barely see the photos..... WHOA!!! Back, back, back!!!! There he was!!! My dream buck!!!!...the sight of a huge six by four with a drop beam!!!! My eyes slowly focused from the antlers on the screen, to the reflection of my VERY BEAUTIFUL, VERY PREGNANT WIFE in the background behind me... You could almost see her tummy growing as you stared at it!!! The clock was ticking!!!

I have been sitting for this gorgeous old buck, ever since I got the first pic nine days ago... And he finally came in. The footage is so EXCITING!!! He comes running through, chasing a doe, on the the third swipe, I anchor him with my TC!!! It was the rush of the year for me!!! Well hunting wise anyways... Now all the pressure is off and I'm ready and waiting for the big day to come... I CAN'T WAIT!!!