My Brother the Rock Star

By Live 2 Hunt | Sep 17, 2010

Over the last few weeks, Shane Hunter and I have been hunting a monstrous nontypical muledeer. And, usually when Shaner and I get on the path of a mulie the outcome turns out the same… Two happy hunters with big smiles, in a short period of time! But, this old buck was putting our cocky little attitudes in their place! We had made at least six stalks on him, and each trip we walked back to the truck with our tails between our legs.

Last night Shane decided to take the day off and go spend some time with other buds, out on the town. Expecting to feel a little under the weather this morning, he ditched me for today…. So, last night at 10pm I called my bro and asked him to come out of archery muledeer retirement… to my surprise, he quickly replied with “my bows sighted in, my tags are bought, and I’m ready to rock!”

At 4:30am I picked Brandon up, and we were on our way to find the nontypical Shane and I had spent so much time on… Just minutes after the sun peaked out for the day, I was staring at the buck through my Razor HD, a mile away!

Three hours later, we were in position for a shot, forty yards away. I tried to convince Brand to move in to thirty for higher odds, but he reassured me he was a rock star at forty.

Two more hours passed before this big old mulie stood up and stretched… I hit the record button and Brandon drew his bow!… SHOWTIME!!! Brand made a perfect heart shot, and the footage is so awesome!!!
The buck ran sixty yards before piling up… An absolute monster muledeer partnered with the fact that it was my bro as the shooter, easily made this moment one of the greatest experiences in my hunting career.

Brandon’s buck rough scores 233 5/8 gross B&C. This beautiful buck had just started rubbing his velvet off hours before we spotted him. He has strings of velvet hanging off his rack everywhere, he has ten points on his left antler and eleven on his right. The footage will make one of the best shows we will air on Wild TV in 2011.